CIL Strategies for Involving Parents of Youth in Transition Process: June 29, 2011

Presented by Aaron Baier, Jayne Chase and Stacey Milbern. The New Community Opportunities Center at ILRU offers three on-demand trainings on the role of the CIL in facilitating and advancing successful youth transition. This program identifies some best practices and strategies to assist parents with challenging situations, explains their important roles and describes the role of centers and their involvement. The three programs include: •Part 1: Youth Taking Charge of Their Own Transition: The Role of CILs •Part 2: Best Practice Models to Enhance Transition to College and Careers •Part 3: CIL Strategies for Involving Parents in the Transition Process Upon completion of this on-demand training, participants will have knowledge and resources, which will enable them to: --Explain the value and role parental involvement offers at key points in the transition process --Involve parents with the Center's support in a way that maintains consumer self-determination --Assist parents through real life situations with challenging situations using some best practices