Get to the Core of It: Best Practices in the Four Core Services - A Five Part Series - Part 3: Individual Advocacy: May 9, 2012

Marsha Sweet, a veteran advocate from the Center for Disability Rights in Rochester, NY will share her approach to introducing consumers to independent living and helping them find their voice and power as advocates. In addition to sharing her philosophy and approach, Marsha will share specific tips for connecting with all kinds of consumers, helping them navigate and fight barriers and injustice, and developing leadership and advocacy skills. Learning Objectives: Upon completion of this webinar, participants will have knowledge and resources that will enable them to: --Explain the philosophy and role of individual advocacy as a core service that changes people’s lives through empowerment and choice --Explain skills and strategies for building relationships with consumers that nurture trust and accountability --Describe elements of an effective advocacy model --Describe effective methods for assisting consumers in dealing with the many bureaucracies they face